Sukshma Marma Therapy is rooted in the Ayurveda health tradition of  India. This miraculous method of healing though transcendental touch has been developed and refined over many years.


Sukshma Marma therapy works on the level of consciousness of both practitioner and patient. More


What are the benefits of Sukshma Marma therapy? What range of conditions can it treat? More


How do you learn Sukshma Marma Therapy? Who teaches the therapy? What courses are available? More


Sukshma Marma therapy has its origins in Ayurveda and has been refined over many years of experience. More

Baby Massage

Dr Jasmin Blumenberg and Dr Ernst Schrott offer a course on Ayurvedic Marma baby massage. More


Watch videos of Sukshma Marma Therapy and its benefits. More

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What people say

I just wanted to say thank you for organising the marma weekend. I thought it was absolutely amazing and am trying to absorb everything that happened. I feel like I have been given a very special gift or profound knowledge and I need to work out what to do next. I am so glad that I booked on this course again because I absorbed so much more this time.
43 year old female, Aromatherapy practitioner
I feel fantastic! For a day or so after the treatment my head felt very heavy and I felt sad and tearful. Now I feel very calm and balanced and the constant chatter in my head has gone. I don’t feel so ‘clenched’ anymore.
40 year old, had a hysterectomy about 6 months before - part 1
Since my treatment I’ve felt happy, focused, balanced and calm and have been sleeping well. My hysterectomy scar has felt tender and I’ve been getting twinges that I haven’t felt for months but I’ve been assured this is part of the healing process.
40 year old, had a hysterectomy about 6 months before - part 2
I’ve found the whole experience very good, and enlightening. I was explaining to a friend of mine yesterday how a cloud seemed to lift at certain points during the treatment, and how lovely that felt!
40 year old, had a hysterectomy about 6 months before - part 3
Marma Therapy has become such a big part of my life now. I have had really good success treating my mother’s circulation problems and treating nerve pains she suffered from in her legs.
Course participant, from the United States
After Marma Therapy my headache has gone. I feel relaxed. My stomach is no longer swollen and my whole body feels light. I breathe better, and no longer have any feeling of blockage in my chest.
30 year old woman, four weeks after miscarriage